Health, Safety and Environment

Solar Engineering, Procurement and Construction have an important role in preserving human health while striving for a clean environment.

The solar engineering, procurement and construction industry has a high demand for skilled trade workers. This is due to the lack of workforce training in renewable energy installation as well as an increase in jobs across this sector. For these reasons, it’s necessary that companies have health and safety policies within their contracts with employees or subcontractors so there are clear guidelines when working on projects related to solar power installations such as:

  • Mandatory initial orientation before any work begins (may include but not be limited to topics like project layout, site hazards)
  • Inquiring about potential occupational hazards at job site before commencing work such as sharp objects or heavy lifting;
  • Training modules provided by employer/subcontractor at appropriate intervals throughout employment time frame based on job requirements (e.g., Level 1 Fire Safety Certification)
  • Wearing appropriate personal protective equipment including safety glasses, gloves when required by risk assessments of tasks performed onsite (e.g., cutting metal);
  • Staying clear of unguarded machinery that can cause injury if improperly used without specific training; monitor closely any repairs being made on electrical circuits with exposed wiring due to electrocution hazard.; etc.

The company strictly enforces its policies which include a set of guidelines designed to keep employees healthy, safe from injury on the job site as well as give them peace of mind knowing they can safely work anywhere without fear of being injured by electricity surging through exposed wires.

Solar power is a sustainable and environmentally conscious way to produce electricity. It helps reduce the amount of carbon dioxide that would otherwise be released into our atmosphere, which in turn reduces greenhouse gas emissions like CO2 from fossil fuel combustion for generating electricity. Solar energy also does not create air pollutants as coal or natural gas generators do so it’s much safer than conventional methods when considering the environmental impact on human health – meaning solar doesn’t just help save the planet but us too!


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