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Power Purchase Agreement

Businesses have many ways to acquire a profitable, sustainable source of power and electricity. The most common means is through the purchase of energy from an electric company at retail rates. However, there are other options such as purchasing all their needs in bulk or contracting with independent providers for wholesale pricing arrangements that can lead to significant savings over time if done correctly.

We help you explore how efficient businesses might go about finding new sources by looking into several types of agreements they may want consider: contracts where you buy your own renewable generation; fixed prices on variable amounts available including peak load hours (lowest cost); contract term lengths ranging from 3 years up to 15 years; getting 100% green power which guarantees it comes only from renewable generators.

In simpler terms, the Power Purchase Agreement is a legally binding contract where one party agrees to buy and the other agrees to sell an electricity supply with physical delivery. The terms of this agreement are governed by law that allows the facility to purchase electric power from an independent provider which gives the user access to use electricity for their own needs but the company does all the work and maintains everything about it so there’s no need for expensive equipment or training on how to make things run smoothly and ensure availability.


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