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Asset Performance Management

Solcraft digital is an asset performance management phenomenon and software which offer the best solution for creating a streamlined workflow.

Solcraft is a digital application that can monitor solar power systems and the outputs of these devices. With this app, you’ll be able to remotely view your system’s performance through live data monitoring or historical reports. It’s available for both Android and iOS, so it can be installed on just about any smartphone or tablet. The application also provides an interface for the user’s smart device camera, which can be used as live video surveillance if necessary.

The world of automation and technology can be difficult to navigate without some help, which Asset Performance Management Software provides in spades! This software makes it possible to create an easy-to-read report that will ensure everyone sees what they need on their screen when needed.

Solcraft offers two different types of services: Live Monitoring Service provides up-to date information about the status of our user’s PV installation on any device; while Historical Reporting & Forecasting service gives more advanced features for long term planning by forecasting future energy generation in sync with your weather application.


Solcraft mobile application offers a consumer to;


Monitor the performance of your solar power plant.

System Diagnosis

Identify and save money on repairs before they happen.

Get Notified

Reduce downtime by utilizing alerts to know when things go wrong

Maintenance Plan

Create an in-depth maintenance plan for your solar panels


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