Zubair Farooqui

Co Founder & Managing Director

Personal Experience

Zubair Farooqui is the Managing Director of Solcraft (Pvt) Ltd. He is also serving as Director of Technology Links (Pvt) Ltd for over six years. During his time at Technology Links, Zubair has successfully enhanced the company’s performance manifold in its dealings in the Healthcare, Education and Scientific Research sectors of Pakistan. Under his leadership, the company has implemented various Foreign Grant-Aid projects funded by the likes of JICA, KFW and UNICEF.

It was during this time that he started exploring opportunities in the energy sector. The idea of providing clean green energy to not only those already connected to the grid, but also those who have been deprived of electricity due to unavailability of grid was too attractive to ignore. This obsession gave rise to Solcraft.

Zubair graduated from York University with a BA in Political Science and Management.

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