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Solcraft Awarded Solarization Contract By The World Bank

The most important thing is being overheard lately by the officials. It is about the Sindh Energy Department (SED), which, with the special assistance and funding of the World Bank, has gone onboard on a program to announce 20MW of solar energy near the open buildings in Karachi and Hyderabad. This is expected to moderate or reduce a circular debt, stimulate the development of solar panels in Sindh and Pakistan, and also cut down the consumption of electricity in Sindh.

The study was conducted in 2016 by the World Bank to examine the energy generation potential in Pakistan, especially in the public sector after which property review was submitted successfully. The investigation observed 20 large buildings in the city of Karachi, and up to 79MW of PV-supported solar light was found, mainly in open areas. The Sindh Solar Energy Project (SSEP) is all set to fund the establishment of a PV-allocated solar roof in other accessible areas in nearby Sindh. The installation of solar energy panels would come with management systems and efficient retrofits. In regards to the installation of Solar panels, Solcraft has signed a contract with World Bank to provide power to almost 200,000 households in Sindh.

This contract has been made to promote the use of solar energy and save the environment from carbon emission while considering the households and their use of energy. Sindh Energy Department (SED) will be responsible to supervise the company about the development of panels, their design, and management to ensure that all programs are completed with the highest national and international standards, which will help SED to secure the value of money.

This project is one of the major steps towards the development of Sindh and Pakistan in the solar power sector. The officials and departments of energy are actively supporting these selected solar panels in Sindh and Solcraft allied with World Bank to promote the initiative.

As the distributed solar market in Pakistan is gaining momentum, this contract will remain fruitful for the different areas and for the expansion and growth of Solar Energy to provide our future generation a carbon-free environment with inexpensive energy solutions

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